Photographer’s Black And White Catography Offers Us Another Catview


Malek has always photographed cats in color, and she was actually worried that without color cats would lose their splendor.

Of course cats always look special! And as Malek came to discover, black and white cat photos look amazing, and even help further highlight the true beauty and adorableness of cats and kittens.

Malek writes, “I would like to invite you to spend a few minutes with my black and white catography.” We are certainly going to so so!


“You can’t compare anything to the feeling of trust given by a cat after one or two hours when it falls asleep on your laps. I could photograph them for hours, but most of the times I’m living their life just for a moment. Despite of the large numbers of photographed cats, every single one of them is unique.”


“Cat photography is a constant job on my knees. It’s the only way to see the world through cat’s eyes.”


“My passion for such photography was born from the love for cats. My main goal was to help cats finding their new homes. After some time I’ve completely fell for this hobby.”



Photo credits: Monica Malek


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