Cats And Dogs Can Make The Very Best Of Friends And These Adorable Photos Prove It!


Cats and dogs are nothing alike and as a result the two species are often viewed as enemies. Before you go thinking cats and dogs will never be friends, remember there is truth in the saying, “opposites attract.”

It’s true that some cats and dogs will always loathe one another. The problems tend to arise right off the bat, when a cat runs to escape and a dog thinks the cat wants to play, chasing after in hot pursuit. This scenario is a recipe for disaster. But, after the initial kinks get worked out and both parties begin to better understand one another true friendships can flourish between cats and dogs. Friendships tend to work best when one or both meet as kitten or puppy.

A pair of besties, one dog and one cat, is more common than many people often assume, and they make for a pretty cute couple of friends! The tightknit cats and dogs on this list prove no two species are different enough to prevent a sweet friendship from forming.

1. Spooning <3

cats-and-dogs-getting-along-241__605Photo Credit: JeffHanson368

2. Always Nice To Have A Friend When You’re Going Through Tough Times

cats-and-dogs-getting-along-1__605Photo Credit: kelldog24

3. Sweetest Pals In All Of Norway

cats-and-dogs-getting-along-221__605Photo Credit: DITK

4. Ear-resistible!

cats-and-dogs-getting-along-53__605Photo Credit: img100

5. Louis’ New Friend

XX-Cats-And-Dogs-Getting-Along-1__605Photo Credit: Wolverinedoge

6. Kisses For Kitties

catsandogs2Photo Credit: Earth Prints/ Sumit Mehndiratta

7. Buds

catsanddogs1Photo Credit: Earth Prints/ Susan Schmitz


8. My Hat Is A Cat

cats-and-dogs-getting-along-431__605Photo Credit:

9. The Puurfect Sleeping Spot

Photo Credit: Tibor09

10. “He Is My Play Buddy, My Best Mate, My Bodyguard And Also My Pillow”

cats-and-dogs-getting-along-55__605Photo Credit: snodialove

11. Sunday Funday!

XX-Cats-And-Dogs-Getting-Along-__605Photo Credit: tazzydw2

12. Best Pillow Ever

cats-and-dogs-getting-along-3__605Photo Credit: hcazualcc

13. “My Dog Has Terminal Cancer. I’ve Noticed He And My Cat Have Been Cuddling A Lot More Since He Got Sick.”

cats-and-dogs-getting-along-201__605Photo Credit:

14. “Forsberg Really Missed Having A Cat. Problem Solved.”

XX-Cats-And-Dogs-Getting-Along-7__605Photo Credit: JenPhilion

15. Full-Size Body Pillow

cats-and-dogs-getting-along-44__605Photo Credit: NotMyRealName14

29 Cute Cats Who Use Dogs As Pillows

16. This Is What You Get When You Let Your Puppy Pick Out A New Friend

cats-and-dogs-getting-along-4__605Photo Credit: jumperposse

17. Color Coordinated BFFs

Photo Credit: Unknown




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