AnimalSilo Dedicates World Animal Day To All Critically Endangered Species

World Animal Day – October 4th 2015

TODAY, thousands of people all over the world will unite to raise awareness of animal suffering. AnimalSilo has decided to share with all of you photos of amazing creatures who are endangered  mainly because of human intervention in their habitat. Let’s dedicate some time in contemplating about our responsibilities to these loveliest of creatures. If we do nothing, many of them will end up in the macabre list with the animals that are already extinct. World Animal Day is here to remind us that we cannot survive without all these animals, with whom we share our planet.

Amur Leopard


More than 60 individuals


Cross River Gorilla

Population 200 to 300 individuals


Javan Rhino

Population 60

Mountain Gorilla

Population 880

South China Tiger

Population believed to be extinct in the wild

Sumatran Rhino

Population Fewer than 100

Sumatran Tiger

Population less than 400

Vaquita dolphin

Population Fewer than 100 individuals

Yangtze Finless Porpoise

Population 1000-1800


Population uknown
All above animals are included in the WWF “critically endangered” list of animals. The information regarding their numbers come from the organization’s website.
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