21 Dogs Who Do Not Know How Huge They Are


Some of the biggest dogs are also the biggest lap dogs! Dogs are often unaware of their size; small dogs tend to think are they much bigger and more powerful, while big dogs assume they are small enough to climb wherever and sit right up on your lap.

Dogs are hilarious, sweet and adorable, and so even when they are crushing your bones and squeezing the air out of your lungs, it’s hard to tell them to get down, or sit elsewhere. The dedicated dog owners on this list don’t let the extra weight get them down… they just remember to take some Advil before sitting on the couch.

These 21 dogs clearly have no idea just how huge they really are…

1. That Looks Comfy…


Photo Credit: imgur.com

The biggest dog breed in the world (especially in terms of height) is the Great Dane, these giant dogs can weight anywhere between 100 and 200 pounds. The Irish Wolfhound comes in second place weighing anywhere between 105 pounds and 125 pounds.

Other really big dog breeds include the English Mastiff, St. Bernard, Leonberger, Newfoundland, Anatolian Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Scottish Deerhound, and Kuvasz. All of these breeds can weigh well over 100 pounds.

2. Bed Swap!

I think these two climbed into the wrong bed… but only one of them got the rotten end of the deal, although he doesn’t seem to know it!


Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

Big dogs often get bad reputations, simply because people are fearful of their size. Big dogs are just as sweet as little dogs; in fact in some cases they are even sweeter! If you have enough space, food, and time a big dog can make the perfect super-size addition to your family.

3. The Best Big Cuddle Buddy

I think someone needs a bigger outdoor bench swing…


Photo Credit: imgur.com

4. I’m Under Here!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. I Still Fit In This Crate… Right?

This makes me laugh so much… how did he even get in there and more importantly, how did he get out?


Photo Credit: bayvets.co.uk

6. Sittin Like My Daddy

How perfect, a place to rest his backside and snout!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. Someone Needs A Bigger Bed…

This animal lover has hardly any room to sleep between her kitty cat and her horse-sized dog!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

8. Cute Dog & Warm Blanket All In One


Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. Just Hanging With The Ladies!

This gentle giant just thinks she’s one of the gals…


Photo Credit: 

10. Meet The World’s Tallest Dog

This 43-inch Great Dane is the world’s tallest living dog ever! He lives in Tucson, Arizona and is known as Giant George by his close pals and many fans. You can follow George on his adventures via his YouTube channel.


Photo Credit: mnn.com

11. I Don’t Want To Talk The Rest Of The Way… Just Carry Me

That’s one way to kick up the endurance on your workout…


Photo Credit: imgur.com

12. These Awesome Dogs Are Down To Ride Anytime, No Matter How Tight The Squeeze


Photo Credit:  unknown

13. Help!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

14. They Think I Don’t Know How Big I Am.. HA, HA, HA!


Photo Credit: Elephino

15. Big Enough To Reinvent The Bench…


Photo Credit: bowmanscanine.blogspot.com

16. Oh This Is Great, I’ll Just Sit On Both Of You


Photo Credit: 



Photo Credit: Lindsey Rollins

18. Gosh, I Just Love The View From This Seat…


Photo Credit: Kate Whitney

19. Summer Time Fun!


Photo Credit: Martha Dixon

20. Who You Calling Big? I’m Still A Baby Puppy!


Photo Credit: 

21. Let’s Hug!


Photo Credit: imgur.com


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