15 Illustrated Quotes About Cats


Who cares if cats are rude, insensitive or needy, the moment they cuddle up close to you and start to purr all of those fire-red scratches going up and down your arms are suddenly worth it, although they still burn and itch like a mofo. Your cat might be a bit psychotic but in all honesty cats do make amazing pets and most are full of love and snuggles, just so long as they are in the mood.

Lingvistov has created another collection of amazing illustrated truths about cats that will make your day, enjoy!


Let’s face it the Internet is run by cats…


I bet your cat knows your deepest darkest secrets, after all they are furry little spies.


Fact: Witches lose some of their fear factor when covered in white kitty cat hair.


Cats are excellent at finding the best seat in the house and they have no intentions of sharing it with you… or anyone else.


Lesson #1 of cat ownership: Cats do NOTHING on command. In fact, if I meow at my cats they look at me like I have lost my mind.

cat-d2oodles-009__880Sad Cat = Bad Cat


Cats are sort of like people, the more you ignore them the more they want you.


We don’t recommend experimenting on your cat!


Deep down your cat may love you but they don’t give two catnips for your overall comfort… or the fact their dirty bum is in your face.


You are a servant to your cat, regardless if you realize it or not.


More. More. More. That’s all they want!


Earthquake’s coming… can’t wait to watch the humans scream…


Dirt is to food as cat is to empathy…



15-illustrated-truths-about-cats-lingvistov-1cat-doodles-016__880cat-doodles-017__880Photo Credits: lingvistov.com


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