Shocking! Cinnamon’s Timely Rescue From The Hands Of An Owner Willing To Shoot Her

Dogs are a blessing to have in your life. And yet, some people continue to take them for granted and are all too willing to simply throw them out when taking care of them becomes an inconvenience.

Still, we’ve never seen anything as cold as what this Texas woman did when she decided she no longer wanted her 3-year-old Saint Bernard/English bulldog mix, Cinnamon.

A Texas woman recently posted on Facebook that she was looking for someone to shoot her dog for her.


The heartless post quickly went viral.


USA Today tracked the post all the way to the person’s home, where they confronted her. She said they were trying to get rid of their dog Cinnamon because she couldn’t care for her anymore.


Animal control was called, and quickly came to Cinnamon’s rescue. She was so glad to see them.


Now, Cinnamon is with a foster family, awaiting adoption. They say she’s just the sweetest thing in the world.


It’s hard to believe that someone wanted to get rid of this wonderful face.


Watch the rest of her incredible story!

It’s incredibly disturbing that there are people who treat the lives of animals with so little regard, but it wonderful to at least know that there will always be people willing to step in and help.


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