Photos of Baby Animals In The Womb Show The Miracle Of Life As You’ve Never Seen It Before.

 Using small cameras, ultrasound technology, and digital imaging, National Geographic recently gave animal lovers around the world a one-of-a-kind glimpse at some amazing creatures before they leave the womb, and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

1. Dolphin
13-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

2. Lemon shark

National Geographic

3. Kangaroo

9-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

4. Tiger shark

10-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

5. Cat

11-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

6. Polar bears (twins)

12-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

7. Horse

6-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

8. Bats

7-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

9. Penguin

8-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

10. Cheetah

4-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

11. Chihuahua

5-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic
12. Possum

3-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

13. Snake

2-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

14. Elephant

1-animals-in-the-wombNational Geographic

I always thought horses were majestic, but that baby horse is the embodiment of the true miracle of life. It’s almost as if it were sculpted by hand.


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