Meet “Cutie And The Beast”: A Little Girl And Her Giant Doberman That Do Everything Together


Cutie and the Beast are taking over the Internet. The duo consists of three-year-old Siena and her two-year-old Doberman named Buddha.

Instagram groupies for “Cutie and the Beast” have grown to over 160,000 followers. Once you see these two in action you’ll see why!

Most people don’t see a Doberman as the ‘perfect’ pet for a little girl, but this pair proves the world wrong. Together they make the sweetest team, and they love doing everything together from sleeping to playing dress up.

In an interview Siena’s mom said, “Dobermans are also know as ‘Velcro dogs’, they just want to be with their one human. And he has obviously chosen my daughter. We’re really happy with the attention Buddha is getting. People are seeing how sweet and mellow they can be.”


Siena doesn’t have “a single toy or play set she adores.” Instead, her favorite thing to do is hang out with Buddha.


Siena used to have a pet Chihuahua named Rabbit, but after he was killed in an accident she was given Buddha.


“We’re really happy with the attention Buddha is getting. People are seeing how sweet and mellow they can be.”


Sienna and Buddha literally do EVERYTHING together…


They nap together


They do their nails together

cutie-and-the-beast-dog-girl-seana-doberman-53They bathe together


They take selfies together


They check for monsters under the bed together


They play the piano together


They get their hair done together


In other words, they just love living life together…


Photo Credits: cutieandthebeast.comInstagramFacebook

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