17 Cat Pictures Taken At Exactly The Right Moment!

We love them, and that’s why we cannot stop taking photos of them. And if those photos are taken at just the right moment, we end up loving cats even more!

Take a look at these 15 shots which prove that cats are perhaps the most delightfully photogenic animals on Earth.


Magic in the air!


Oh, hey!


Oh, you’re taking a photo? You have to know I am shy….


The feelings are mutual, bro.


Oh my! Look at this horrifying flowery creature!


 Eat it up, I said, whether you like it or not!



“It’s been a hard day’s work and I’d been working like a dog,….”  oh no, something is definitely wrong!


I just hate it when they fly away


Gimme gimme gimme!


True love.

Yes, cats can fly!


Beam me up Scotty!


Cat yoga warrior pose.



Surprise attack!


Levitation is easy, humans! Just focus…


I guess this is the best place to hide!


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