16 Hysterical Examples Of Cat Logic Put To Action

Cat-logic12__605Sometimes your cat seems like a completely logical, smart individual capable of thinking for his or herself. Other times you can’t help but question cat logic.

Cats are the most curious creatures, smart enough to always get what they want but not smart enough to grow up and move out of your house. Instead you’re stuck feeding them and cleaning up after them forever… and that’s just the way they like it. The more your cat can get out of you, the better.

At least in return cats provide us with endless entertainment as they exercise their hilarious cat logic in the most puzzling of ways. Enjoy laughing at these 16 cats that have some pretty wacky ideas about how to get stuff done.

1. If It Fits, I Sits

funny-cat-logic-52__605Photo Credit: Natalie Haston

2. “Some Cats Bring Home Mice Or Birds, Ours Brings Home Sponges.”

This is might be most hilarious cat logic I’ve ever seen… just look how proud of his catch he is!

funny-cat-logic-42__605Photo Credit: Funkmonk_360

3. How This Cat Eats Dinner

funny-cat-logic-46__605Photo Credit: lilred181

4. Cat Logic: A Box Is Always Best

Cat-logic11__605Photo Credit: fnordstar

5. This Is How Show Offs Drink Out Of The Faucet

funny-cat-logic-43__605Photo Credit: serfty

6. That’s One Way To Eat Out Of This Dish…

funny-cat-logic-45__605Photo Credit: catpuccinoz

7. Cat Plank

funny-cat-logic-3__605Photo Credit: mindnoir

8. You Spend All That Money On The Fanciest Cat Bed And Then This Happens

funny-cat-logic-1__605Photo Credit: Unknown

9. Sharing Food Or Playing Twister?

Cat-logic12__605Photo Credit: bowser914

10. Dang Cat Door

Cat-logic18__605Photo Credit: llsimonll

11. Twin Logic

funny-cat-logic-32__605Photo Credit: lyonnaiselinds

12. Cats Love Computers Just As Much As Humans But For Completely Different Reasons

funny-cat-logic-6__605Photo Credit: reddit.com

13. Not Taking The Easy Way Out

Cat-logic2__605Photo Credit: MrStabbers

14. Clearly, Cats Enjoy A Challenge

Cat-logic14__605Photo Credit: brettrosey

15. The Best Cat Gift Money Can Buy

funny-cat-logic-41__605Photo Credit: falcores

16. I Fit Just Fine In Here

“I’m not fat I’m fluffy”

funny-cat-logic-54__605Photo Credit: cinziamaria.wordpress.com



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